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We are able to cater for almost any requirements that potential customers may have when it comes to their internet site so it would take quite a long time to list all thedifferent technologies that we are familiar with. In general terms we offer an all-encompassing service which means that whatever their needs regarding web development Australia based firms should not have to go elsewhere. This may sound like an exaggerated claim but we have nearly 20 years of experience in the Information Technology industry and every member of our team makes time to stay up to date with the latest developments as they occur. Training is an ongoing process for any web site designers and we place great emphasis on being able to utilise cutting edge technologies as well as the more established ones. Whether a company needs a simple static site or an interactive one with animated graphics and a back-end database we can help with all the programming work and website design tasks.



Small business web design is what we specialise in and everything that goes with it. Our hosting packages offer great value for money. We provide a full range of ecommerce design and development services such as shopping cart facilities, a secure payment gateway and the latest encryption technologies to enable companies to process orders in real time without compromising their customers' confidentiality. Password protection can be included for certain areas of online shopping sites so that different prices can be offered to different clients if desired. We are also able to provide a first class digital photography service so can even capture images of the goods that are to be sold online if necessary. Site activity reports can be accessed by logging in online to check the effectiveness of any website design work and marketing campaigns that are carried out.

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One of the main expenses associated with employing a web design firm is the cost of routine updates as most companies usually charge for a minimum of one hour for their time and fees can quickly add up. When commissioning us to develop a web site however, we can create a content management system that makes it easy for the site owner to do the updates themselves and avoid needless expenses like these. Web development companies may sometimes take advantage of their customers by overcharging them for this type of work and not letting them know of the alternatives but we like to work with each client to give them the best value for money possible and help them to take control of their own site. For tasks such as producing special effects like Flash animations and creating one-off graphic designs we are more than happy to give our clients a firm quotation and carry out the website design work for them in a timely manner.

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Business website design

In order to set themselves apart from the competition it is a good idea for companies that trade on the internet or maintain a site for marketing purposes to spend some money making sure their website is professionally put together and designed in such a way as to appeal to their target audience. Although it is true that there are many free applications that can be used to create sites, the results are often disappointing and generic in appearance. Some of them are downright amateurish and certainly not suitable for a company that is trying to make an impression on potential customers. For people that are setting a new business up it can be hard to justify the expense of having a site made to their particular requirements but the potential cost of not doing so could be much larger. The prices that we charge come as a pleasant surprise to many people and once they realise that what they want is well within their reach we are able to help them get established on the internet. Some businesses may already have a site that needs working on or a design that they are quite happy with but do not have the technical expertise to translate into a working site. SME website design with CMS is one of the areas we specialise in so we are in an excellent position to provide a tailored service to smaller firms. We are quite happy to assess clients' needs with no obligation on their part.

Unbeatable value

There is a lot of competition for business when it comes to developing new sites or upgrading older ones and because of this we currently have an offer to assure our customers that they are getting the best prices possible. We are willing to beat any legitimate quotations by a margin of 10% for work that does not involve any of our other special offers. Our efficient business model enables us to turn out work at the highest level at prices that our competitors find hard to live with. This is of benefit to both us, in terms of the work it brings in, and our customers, who are able to make a saving on their internet development costs. Our design skills ensure that the finished product does not look like a cut price site whilst allowing our clients to get more for their money. With over a decade of experience working with companies from all over Australia we are comfortable that we are in a position to provide a professional website design service that will not disappoint in terms of quality or the amount of time it takes to complete a project. It is not only in geographical terms that we have a variety of experience; we have worked with organisations in many industries so are aware of the requirements of companies involved in different markets. At a time when credit is hard to come by we believe that our service offers exactly what most businesses are looking for.


Every company owner has their own idea as to the image that they would like to present to other businesses or members of the public but they sometimes need help translating these ideas into concrete designs. We can either take a concept and develop it into a website that reflects the sentiments a company proprietor wishes to express or work with them to produce something special using one of our hundreds of templates as a starting point. This method is often helpful as firstly it gives clients an idea of what the end result will look like and secondly it can help to inspire them if they are not sure what they want. Whilst most customers can get what they need using one of these approaches sometimes our highly experienced website graphic design team need to be called into action to come up with a logo or set of images that are uniquely designed for one particular client. This service is useful when a company that is operating in a crowded market wants to make a statement with their site and stand out from their competitors. Examples of our previous work can be found on our site and may help to give potential customers an idea of what is possible. Each example has a link to the actual website so that people can take a close look at the finished article. If there are any special requirements that a client has then we are more than happy to discuss them.

Corporate logos

Something that virtually every company needs these days is a logo that identifies them to their target audience. As part of our service we can help to create the perfect image for our customers to use on their website and any printed literature that they may produce. Sometimes it is a simple matter of taking one of our stock images and doing a little work on it and in other cases it may be necessary to create a completely new design. Any firm that is in the business of providing corporate website design services should be able to accommodate requests for company logos but many are found to be lacking when it comes to this area. We do our best to provide a comprehensive range of services in order to save our clients the bother of having to hire several different firms. The freelance graphic designers that we work with are highly skilled professionals with years of experience and we are confident that as a team we can fulfil all the requirements a business may have with regard to their internet presence. There is a section on our site with numerous examples of corporate images that can act as a starting point for a new design or at the very least give clients an idea of what they might like for their own company. As with all our other services we take the creation of a company logo very seriously as it is the public face of our clients' organisations.

Animated discussions

In some cases a client may require special effects on their website to enhance the appearance or make it particularly eye-catching. Companies involved in the home entertainment industry and those who are targeting younger consumers are two examples of businesses that may be interested in this service. Our own in-house small business website design team are well versed in technologies such as Flash and are experienced in creating custom animated sequences for various purposes. It is difficult to explain what is and what is not possible in this area so we would encourage anyone who is interested to contact us to discuss the matter further. The spread of high speed internet services across the country has made it easier to incorporate such features in websites without putting off users by slowing down the loading of pages by too much. Having said this it is never wise to ignore any sector of the community that may contain potential customers so it is a good idea to have a link to click for a standard HTML page if a Flash animation is to be used on a homepage. Without this, consumers who are still using slower connections may not have the patience to stick around whilst an animation loads on their screen. In the end it is down to the client as to how they wish to deal with such matters but we always do our best to advise them of the most appropriate course of action, drawing on our own experience.

Holding people's interest

One thing that can help get visitors to return is interactive website design as a static site is not all that interesting after a couple of visits. This could be something as simple as a comments form that users can fill in and submit or it could be much more involved. Online forums are popular with people of all ages nowadays and are an excellent way to get consumers more involved in whatever it is a company is trying to sell. It gives them a space where they can talk about their experiences with certain products and services and as long as the forum is properly moderated, can provide an excellent method of promotion with a minimum of effort on the part of the business behind the forum. Competitions and prize draws are two other common features that are used online to keep people coming back but whether they are suitable or not will depend on the nature of the business that a firm is engaged in. A video games manufacturer may well find them quite effective for instance, whereas it may be completely inappropriate for a firm of accountants. We are always on hand to advise on the various different aspects involved in such endeavours but most companies are well aware of what is suitable for them in this field. Innovative website design techniques are something that our team members make a point of keeping up to date with so we are capable of offering the very best service.



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