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Some reasons to choose us to build your website design

  • Quality websites - all websites are put through a rigorous quality control and development process with input from multiple Graphic Designers to ensure you get the very best design possible
  • Quick build time - websites are built within 2 to 3 weeks
  • Great prices - pound for pound our prices are unbeatable value for money
  • and many more...

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A simple Self Update Console

A run through some of the features and benefits of what we like to call the world's easiest self-update console.


Website design is not just about creating innovative sites that catch the eye of prospective customers, although this is of course an important function of any effective site design. It is also about producing websites that are easy to use, not just for consumers who are surfing the net looking for things to buy but also for the website owners themselves. As a web design firm that cares about its clients we decided to create a content management system that was so easy to use that virtually anybody would be able to come to grips with it in a matter of minutes. Our web site designers spent many hours designing the system so that our customers did not have to spend many hours trying to figure it out. We believe that the end result is a CMS that is the easiest to use in the world, hence the name. It is something that we are pleased to be able to offer any of our website design clients.

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What makes our update console so convenient is not just the fact that it is incredibly easy to use but also the speed with which changes are applied.


As soon as they are confirmed, any changes to the text or pictures on a page are reflected instantly on the live website. As a small business web design service that we offer to all firms across the country, we have found the self-update console to be one of the most popular products we have introduced to our customers. It was designed along the same principles that the rest of our services were built around which are to provide clients with the very best value for money that we can without lowering the quality in any way of the web design and hosting products that we offer. It is useful for people with no time or inclination to mess around with ftp applications every time that they want to make the smallest change to their website design or content.

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The text editing functionality is as easy to use as most document editing programs and considerably easier than many.


The size, colour and font type can be changed simply by highlighting the text and choosing the desired options. New photographs can be added and placed using a drop-down box feature or put in custom positions using HTML commands. In the field of affordable web design Australia has not seen such a useful application before, in our opinion. It not only allows users to update text and images on inpidual pages but the names of the pages themselves can be changed allowing website owners to hide them from public view temporarily. When this innovative console is combined with our cheap web design service it adds up to a great package that offers unbeatable value for money whilst giving our clients the flexibility that they need to operate their businesses. Companies that may be interested in this or other website design services can contact us at any time.

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